Essential Lavender Oil

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Unwind, energise and refresh with Forever Essential Oils.

Classic calm and relaxation.

• Promotes calm and relaxation

• Contains high levels of linalyl acetate

• Grown and harvested in Bulgaria due to ideal climate

• Blends well with other varieties

• Vegetarian and vegan friendly

• Gluten free

Forever Essential Oils use the best of nature to awaken your senses with pure, powerful ingredients.

Lose yourself in the peaceful aromatherapy of nature’s purest lavender oil. Forever Essential Oils Lavender will soothe, relax and calm.

Forever Essential Oils Lavender is made with lavender grown and harvested in Bulgaria, where ideal growing conditions allow for oils with high levels of linalyl acetate, which gives lavender its fruity, sweet aroma to calm, soothe, relax and rejuvenate.

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