Award Winning Products

Everybody loves winning awards and Forever is no exception! We’re super pleased to be able to add to our cohort of award wins over the years, having achieved a further five awards over the last couple of months, including four in the Global Make-up Awards 2021. Both Forever’s Aloe Liquid Soap and Instant Hand Sanitizer scooped the winning Gold Award in their respective categories, and the Sonya Soothing Gel Moisturizer picked up Silver in the Best Moisturiser category. We are also incredibly proud to celebrate our first brand award with a Silver win for Best UK Beauty Brand. It’s a testimony and endorsement of Forever’s innovation, commitment to quality and purity across its entire product range.

With age-defying products or body care treatments which set out to deliver real results, Beauty Bible asks testers to try them on one half of the body/face to observe improvements. The scores – as we’ve previously experienced time after time – were once again incredibly consistent, with some astonishingly high marks. Testers’ in-depth comments also tell you everything you need to know to shape your decision on whether to buy a product or not

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