Forever B12 Plus

Forever B12 Plus

SKU 188
60 Tablets


This time-release formula of Forever B12 Plus packs a powerful punch of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

B12 and folic acid: the perfect partnership in one supplement.

Helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels

High in vitamin B12 and folic acid

Time release formula

Vegetarian and vegan friendly


 This time-release formula packs a punch of vitamin B12 and folic acid. These elements are beneficial to women wishing to conceive or who are in the first three months of pregnancy. Forever B12 Plus is also essential to include within vegetarian or vegan diets as it’s normally obtained from animal sources.

*Vitamin B12 and folate contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism. Folate contributes to normal psychological function.

Vitamin B12 and folate also contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

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