Forever Sensatiable

Forever Sensatiable

SKU 665
64 chewable tablets


Get sweet relief from temptations with Forever Sensatiable.

A delicious, chewable tablet containing oats and yeast hydrolysate protein, Sensatiable is your ideal go-to when looking for sweet relief from temptations throughout the day.

Suitable for vegetarians and boasting a delightful lemon flavour, Sensatiable contains glucomannan extracted from elephant yam. Then there’s the added benefit of the honey powder deriving from pure honey – an ingredient nutritionally better for you than traditional sugars.

Sensatiable are chewable, easy to take (with water) and perfect for those who like their supplements on-the-go.

If you’ve been looking for sweet relief from temptations, you’re going to love Forever Sensatiable.

Get sweet relief from temptations

    Contains glucomannan and yeast hydrolysate protein

    Chewable and easy to take with water

    Delicious lemon flavour

    Suitable for vegetarians

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