Aloe Cooling Lotion

Forever Aloe Cooling Lotion

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118 ml


Refresh tired muscles and joints after a long day or challenging workout with Aloe Cooling Lotion. Our light, invigorating formula provides an instant cooling sensation, both revitalising hard-working muscles and promoting recovery.

Recharge tired muscles and joints with invigorating ingredients

Cooling lotion with menthol, eucalyptus and aloe.

Conditions skin and easy to massage into muscles and joints.

Provides a powerful, refreshing sensation.

Helps ease tired muscles with a cooling, soothing effect.

Aids with recharging and refreshing post-exercise.

Quick-absorbing, non-greasy feel on the skin.

Perfect to put in your gym bag or on your nightstand, Aloe Cooling Lotion contains uplifting menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor, rosemary extract and Methylsulfonyl Methane, or MSM – an organic compound which is the third most abundant mineral in our body.

Let the power of menthol, inner leaf aloe and other natural ingredients support your active lifestyle. Experience a relaxed sensation by massaging Aloe Cooling Lotion into your skin at the end of a long day or post-workout.

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