Aloe Activator

Forever Aloe Activator

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130 ml


With over 98% aloe vera gel, Aloe Activator leaves skin feeling refreshed and soothed from the moment it touches your face. Aloe is ideal for sensitive skin and its many essential components like vitamins A, C and E make aloe activator a perfect addition to any skincare regime.

Moisturise, refresh and soothe with the power of aloe.

Cleans, soothes and refreshes

A powerful skin conditioner

Gentle for the entire face, even around the eye area

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Gluten free

Aloe is paired with allantoin, which is not only an effective moisturiser, but also a perfect complement to gently soften and smooth skin. Of course, it’s the quality of the aloe that makes all the difference. Forever’s Aloe Activator is made with pure inner-leaf aloe vera from our own plantations. Every leaf is hand-harvested, hand filleted and packaged within hours to ensure maximum freshness and potency.

Aloe Activator is an enriching moisturiser, containing enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides. This step in your daily beauty ritual may become your new favourite, as it not only feels good to apply, but the after-effects will leave your skin looking and feeling better.

Designed to mix perfectly with our Mask Powder, Aloe Activator is gentle enough for use on the entire face, even around the eyes. Use it as a moisturiser and refresher on its own, or to create a cleansing facial when combined with our mask powder.

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