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Forever Infinite Restoring Creme

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With over fifteen skin-conditioning ingredients, Infinite Restoring Creme absorbs into the skin to leave it feeling moisturised and smooth. Aloe, acai, pomegranate and an anti-ageing essential oil blend combine to replenish and rejuvenate skin.

The best of science and nature for younger, smoother skin.

Soothes and moisturises

Over fifteen skin conditioning ingredients

Vegetarian friendly

Gluten free

Infinite by Forever Restoring Creme absorbs fast and leaves skin feeing exceptionally smooth and moisturised thanks to over fifteen skin conditioning ingredients. We’ve combined the best of science and nature to bring you an advanced, multifaceted anti-ageing formula that feels light and smooth against your skin and absorbs fast without any greasy or heavy feeling.

Powerful botanical ingredients like acai and pomegranate provide antioxidant support while leaving skin feeling moisturised and smooth. The centipeda cunninghamii plant, native to Australia, works to enhance the many benefits of aloe. Together, these ingredients deliver proven results for soothing skin while vitamin B3 and beet root even out tone and texture to support a youthful complexion.

Ingredients such as squalane, jojoba esters, glycolipids and beeswax show significant moisturising properties and help Infinite Restoring Creme sweep across your skin. An anti-ageing essential oil blend of lavender, petitgrain, basil, eucalyptus, lime and orange-peel support aloe to replenish and rejuvenate parched skin.

To finish off this moisturising powerhouse, we’ve added the latest chemistry to provide a new sugar structure that improves skin’s water barrier and retention. As a finishing touch, Infinite Restoring Creme seals in all of the powerful benefits to keep your skin nourished.

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